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Jorge Bazán Lobatón

I am a 36 years old man. I love traveling and learn about other cultures. I have been already in around 40 countries, but mostly in Europe and Latin America. I love nature and discovering places where only local people go in every country, I like museums, architecture, art, music, sports, food (cooking many nice Spanish dishes), and learning new things.
I am very good host and I love people feeling welcomed, and show where I live. I am very proud of Andalusia, and I love to share our culture.
I am actually living in Seville and I would love to show you my city, or another cities around like Cordoba, Cadiz, Malaga, or many many places and small villages around that you can know properly only if you go with locals.
I speak fluent English, but my native language is Spanish.

Planes de Jorge

Tapas tour in the city center
5 Gastronomía 3 hours 20 EUR
I propose you a tapas tour around the Seville city center, where mostly the locals go to eat. You will taste many of our local tapas avoiding places full of tourists where the quality of the food is not the same. You can choose 3 different type of places, depending of how much you want to spend in the tour, or even we can go to different places depending of you budget.

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