Conoce a Carolina Martín Ravelo

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Carolina Martín Ravelo

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Apasionada del turismo y enamorada de nuestro patrimonio, disfruto conociendo gente nueva y dando a conocer aquello que nos hace diferentes (por eso estudié el ciclo de grado superior de Guía, Información y Asistencia Turística).
Si quieres conocer Tenerife de la mano de una persona nacida y criada en la isla, que te la enseñe de una manera cercana y familiar, y que te acompañe a descubrir los rincones más auténticos, aquí me tienes ;)

Planes de Carolina

A stroll around santa cruz
1 Historia y Monumentos 2 hours 15 EUR
Santa Cruz is the capital city of Tenerife. But it was not always like that. It is a young city with a curious history. In just few years it was transformed from a poor village to a modern city, capital of the whole Canary Islands. Come with me to take a quiet stroll around the city where I was born. I will show you some of its key sights, I will tell you historical tidbits and I will also give you all the information you need to get around in Santa Cruz like locals do.
Scents and flavours
1 Gastronomía 3 hours 30 EUR
There is no doubt. The best place to enjoy local gastronomy is the market. To visit Our Lady of Africa Market is to live a complete sensory experience: scents, colours and the bustle of people flood everything. Come with me to spend a morning wondering around the market. I will tell you about our gastronomic products and our most traditional recipes. You will taste our handmade cheeses, you will enjoy the wine of the island and you will taste some of our most traditional dishes.
La laguna, living history
1 Historia y Monumentos 2 hours 15 EUR
La Laguna city was the first capital of Tenerife and the very center of political, military, religious and economic power in the whole Canary Islands. To take a stroll around its streets and monuments bearing witness of history is simply a must. La Laguna is an ancient city, filled with magnificent buildings, but it is much more than this. It was a place very appreciated by the guanches, really odd characters have lived here, it is a university city and, when walking in the streets, you can find the best traditional shops and a wide sampling of the the best of our cuisine.

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